Episode 16


HOLD THE STANDARD. I love the phrase. On this podcast I interview Logan Gelbrich, the man behind the maxim. We cover a lot. If you’re into mindset, performance psychology, personal accountability and growth, you’ll dig this episode. Self-defense isn’t always about a confrontation with someone else. Sometimes it’s understanding how to win the fight inside your head. I think this conversation will surprise some of you.

Episode 13

jeff deteso.png


Psychologist Jeff DeTeso returns to discuss how he uses the CYCLE OF BEHAVIOR method in his practice to help veterans dealing with PTSD as well as others suffering from fear-based issues. My contention is simple: when we look directly into the face of fear and acknowledge how it influences all decisions and emotional ‘states’ we begin to regain a sense of self-control and renewed mental strength. Enjoy this episode! Many more to come.

Episode 12


The recent tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas horrified the world. I wanted to discuss it in hopes of inspiring people to take a deeper look active killer scenarios and their personal safety and defense. My guest for this episode has a unique set of skills. I invited my friend Baret Fawbush specifically because he is a Minister at a Christian Church as well as a Firearms Trainer. What a combination given the subject. I️ hope you enjoy this discussion about a very sensitive subject.