The Be Your Own BodyGuard® seminar

The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the single greatest skill you could possess. What if learning how to protect yourself was much easier than you thought? That was the inspiration Coach Blauer had over thirty years ago. He noticed that no one really used technical martial arts in real confrontations.  As a young martial fanatic, that perplexed him and he set out on an experimental journey that lead him to discover and then develop the world's first self-contained protective system. What does that mean?  Simple, everything you are taught in this course you already own.  There's nothing to buy.  

You'll learn: 

  • how to re-connect with your intuition and instincts

  • how to recognize a fear spike and how to listen to it its signals and most importantly, how to manage fear

  • simple, functional movements, based on how real people move

This one day course will give you the essential knowledge to improve your situational awareness, verbal skills and equip you with simple & practical self defense.

Created by Coach Tony Blauer, a pioneer of modern self-defense, the SPEAR program is based on human physiology and natural biomechanics. It used the startle-flinch response, which is part of the human survival reflex, as the catalyst for all protective movement. 

The startle-flinch is at least 80,000's years old and is a part of your DNA - to say it's stood the test of time is an understatement.

What this means is that you already have the keys to the system hardwired in you.

During the course, we show you how to reconnect with this and learn how to use physiology as the basis of speed and power.

Coach Blauer on human weapon system principle:

"At some point in our history we learned to survive and protect yourselves. Overtime, we slowly became domesticated and this process dulled our survival instincts, situational awareness as we began to rely on the wall around the castle, thinking the army, then the Calvary, and now, the police will protect us. Learning to protect yourself is much easier than you thought. As long as you don't confuse being a skilled martial artist or competitive combat sport athlete with true self-defense, this is easy to understand. "

Our approach to self defense will to reawaken your situational awareness and teach you a patented approach to identifying and managing fear, the program includes an effective verbal deescalation system and the most raw and direct approach to personal defense using natural bio-mechanics. You'll literally be safer in a day. 

*Visit the BYOB events pages for a listing near you and if you don't find one, organize one for you, your family or company.

Email for info. We have trainers that travel all over the world to teach our program to interested individuals and organizations.

These courses will range from 4-hour clinics to 8-hour workshops and will be taught at approximately 20 locations around the world.


  • Situational awareness reframe

  • How to develop better awareness

  • The importance of fear in your life

  • How to recognize real danger from imagined

  • Fear mgmt in a crisis - what that's more important than and technique

  • Human Weapon system principles

  • How to hack self-defense

  • You already know how to defend yourself you just don't know you know

  • The first SPEAR System

  • The #choosesafety blueprint

  • The science of personal protection & how using physiology, physics, and psychology can save your life.

  • SPEAR System fundamentals

For decades, Blauer typically catered to the law enforcement & military community, but he has recently created programs for everyday people, those citizens with no tactical or martial background. 

This is a great opportunity to improve you and your family's SQ [Safety Quotient).


The BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD® program is proud to be listed as a CrossFit® Preferred Course.



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