CrossFitters train for the unknown and unknowable, but elite fitness does not guarantee personal safety. 

"In 2006 I was invited by Coach Glassman to Santa Cruz and introduced to CrossFit. After listening to Coach speak I was so inspired by the parallels between the CrossFit philosophy and the self-defence program I was implementing, that I went back to the hotel and wrote pages of notes outlining the intersections and commonalities. I immediately envisioned how the two programs would benefit the student.

Here was a fitness program that didn’t specialize or discriminate. It looked at how people moved (and needed to move). This completely resonated with our approach to self-defense defense training."

Tony Blauer
SPEAR System


Mental Toughness, Self-Reliance, Situational Awareness...

  • Improve awareness – learn how to detect and avoid danger.

  • Defuse and de-escalate – learn simple strategies to resolve common conflicts and position oneself in a morally and legally tactical position.

  • Manage fear and aggression – learn to identify and manage fear.

  • Learn how to “flip the switch” to generate aggression and intensity to protect oneself or a loved one.

  • Learn the world-renowned SPEAR System tools and tactics – learn physiology-based skills and drills for self-protection.

Can you really learn to defend yourself in one weekend?

Yes.  And here's why: 

This is NOT a martial art course. Martial arts and self-defense are different.  You will learn the difference at this course. 

  • The CrossFit Defense program combines the tenacity of the CrossFit athlete with the specific motor skills needed for personal defense.

  • We utilize the power, speed and intensity that CrossFit develops, and teach participants how to strategically convert common CrossFit movements into defensive and protective tactics.

  • We are the world's leader in personal defense training. We've been teaching simple, smart and responsible self-defense for over three decades. We pioneered a self-defense method based on natural behavior and physiology. Everyone can learn it, everyone can do it. We want to share this with you.


Work-Capacity, Peace of Mind, and some extra PRs

  • CrossFit Defense is about the community - any CrossFit athlete or a L1 Coach, can attend this course. It will make everyone tougher, safer, smarter.

  • The most important weapon you possess is your mind - we will sharpen it.

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“What we’ve done with the SPEAR System research and methodology is combine the fastest human response (the flinch) with the strongest human position (crossed-extensor), and thus have created a nongender, non-size, nontechnical methodology of personal defense.”
— Coach Tony Blauer


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