We have been on the cutting-edge of reality-based training since 1979.
OUR FOCUS, OUR MISSION AND OUR PATH HAS not changed since 1979.

We want to make the world safer.

To do that, we need passionate, motivated and conscientious trainers. We have spent decades refining and developing this process. We have been running 'train-the-trainer' courses for over thirty years and we'd like you to consider joining our team.

An association with Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc. through the SPEAR: PDR Program is an asset to you whether you’re just starting out teaching self-defense or already an established leader in your community. An affiliation with us not only gives you access to cutting edge training, it will enhance your standing and credibility within the community you serve as well as differentiate your business from others.

For over thirty years, our mission has been to research, refine and share the most realistic, relevant and responsible personal defense system in the world. 

Join our team.

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This course is open to self-defense trainers, martial artists, defensive tactics & combatives instructors who run private training, commercial schools, gyms or training companies and wish to gain certification in our methodology.

“The SPEAR System is based on an 80,000-year-old genetic survival response that helped keep our ancestors alive. The reptilian brain wants you to survive. Its initial response is to protect the head and move you away from danger. We have sharpened this movement. Be the tip of the spear. Because in your fight, you’re on point.”
— Coach Tony Blauer