“Weathering an ambush is inarguably the most important skill for any person in any confrontation.

It’s certainly the first most important skill, if you don’t weather the ambush, the rest of your training won’t matter.”
— Tony Blauer


Always choose safety.  There is no downside.  If you get a bad feeling, trust your gut. If it turns out to be wrong, you're still safe.  If it turns out there was a real threat, you're safer. Always choose safety.


  1. Ask yourself this: What could it cost me if I don't fight back?

  2. List three people or things you would risk everything to defend?

  3. Meditate on the idea of 'indignation'.

The combination of those three answers creates a mind-set for victory.  In our decades of research interviewing victims and victors during violent encounters, all the victors reported that 1. They did not want to lose or die. 2. They visualized a loved one or had one present.  3. They were incredibly angered by the assault.  

Its important that you realize that this is all mind-set and has zero to do with martial arts or technique. And that's the secret of our system. We are not teaching you how to memorize moves - we are teaching you that you simply must move. 

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We run 1-day courses all over the world.  Our Be Your Own Bodyguard courses cover the essential emotional, psychological and simple practical movements you need to know to improve your personal safety.  While nothing beats the experience and you will have at a live seminar, if you can't make it to a live course at this time, the next best thing is studying the information at home.

Here are our best-sellers and what we feel are the right titles to lay the foundation to improve your situational awareness, presence and personal safety skills:

Male or female, start with the Rape Prevention for Women & Self-Defense Coaches. This may seem counterintuitive for the guys reading this, but trust us - this title is mandatory for those wishing to certify with us.

Abduction Prevention for Kids & How to Prevent Bullying: If you have kids, nephews, nieces, you need to look into this. 

Cerebral Self-Defense & The Mental Edge. This audio file is our best-selling item. Mental toughness, resiliency, proactive and anticipatory mind-set is essential.  Coach Blauer has pioneered some incredibly important strategies and tactics, you should have them in your playlist. If you love food for the brain get entire audio trilogy.  Visit our digital downloads here and see our titles on Vimeo on Demand.

“Choosing safety has zero side effects.

Always choose safety!”
— Coach B