Know Fear for Athletes

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Know Fear for Athletes


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Video Description:

Faster wins. In sports, in business, in life. If you get there first, you usually win.

Can investing 20-minutes change your time? It can if you change your mind.

Kevin Ogar PR'd his bench press using this system.

Todd Thompson PR'd his clean using this system.

What changed? They were taught a new way to look at fear.

If you're an athlete in any sport, fitness, Olympic lifting, martial arts, MMA, baseball, football, or any competition where performance anxiety can impact 'flow' and getting 'into the zone', this system can change your mental state and elevate your game. We all fear fear. Fear is the silent killer. Fear triggers performance anxiety.

In this focused lecture, you will have a front-row seat for Coach Tony Blauer's renowned system for managing fear called "The Cycle of Behavior: The Neural Circuity of Fear".

This lecture will help you look at fear differently which will change your relationship with it so you can use fear as a fuel instead of the dreaded adrenaline dump. And once you understand the system, you can also apply it to other aspects of your life. Overcoming the 'fear of fear' can be applied to anything you do. 

Invest $40.00 and learn a completely new way to look at fear.

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*This is a condensed 20-minute private presentation tailored for a group of athletes at Offshore CrossFit prior to an important workout.

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