Patreon Online Training


Patreon Online Training


Train online with Coach Blauer by becoming a Patreon subscriber.

We are currently offering 4 different price points:

$4 Tier: Nose Bleed Seat

  • Basic audio and video tips that'll enhance your safety
  • Patreon only posts 
  • Exclusive Youtube LIVE and more. 
  • You'll be safer for a dollar a week. Yes, that's not a typo, just 1$ a week. 

$10 Tier: Floor Seats

  • You get everything in the previous reward tier plus tips & drills on the biomechanics of SPEAR, the SPEAR close quarter form & foundational theory on why we move the way we move.
  • $2.50 a week, let's do it! 

$15 Tier: Ringside

  • SOS level (Student of SPEAR ) All previous reward tiers plus solo & partner drills, video progressions on how to build & develop a SPEAR personal defense toolbox and arsenal, personal Q & A and more.
  • A free digital copy of the  BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD manual (value $29). *Gifts will be sent out after your first month has been processed.
  • Less than $4 a week for groundbreaking, life-saving, thought-provoking info. 

$20 Tier: Back Stage/Locker Room Access

  • ALL ACCESS. You get all previous reward tiers, plus a FREE SPEAR System t-shirt ( View styles ) a $27 value, pay only shipping.
  • LIVE feed Q & A's
  • Risk-Free! Get certified by us. We will credit your Patreon investment when you decide to attend our SPEAR:PDR team trainer certification. (*New coaches only.) Your investment here is technically FREE.
  • Gifts will be sent out after your first month has been processed.
  • Just $5 a week. That's .66 cents a day. 

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