Pre-Fight Series

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Pre-Fight Series


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Video Description:

If you have had 30 minutes to interview Coach Blauer about self-defense and your training, what would you ask him?

"My reason for studying martial arts was for self-defense. And no matter how much better I got at the physical skill set, I always felt a false sense of confidence. The mental strength I felt in the dojo dissipated when I was at a tournament or if I was near violence in the street.

Something wasn't right. I had immersed myself info the world of violence as a student. I trained, I read, I studied. and I noticed, no one discussed fear or fear management or most importantly, how the attacker thought or moved.

Three-decades later I designed the system I wish someone would've taught me as a kid. I re-engineered self-defense using physiology, physics and psychology."

-Coach Tony Blauer

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