SPEAR Origins: SPEAR System for Kids

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SPEAR Origins: SPEAR System for Kids


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Video Description:


As a father of three children I always had a concern about bullies at school but my real fear was if an adult tried to grab one of my kids. In 2005 I was asked by several parents who knew I was deeply involved in self-defense to create a video for them and this is the result.

We reverse engineered some common scenarios with suggestions, demos, drills for parents and conscientious martial arts and self-defense instructors to think about and then go through the concepts with their kids.

Make no mistake, size matters in a confrontation. That is why our methodology is important as we address realistic scenarios with real human movement. This isn't a video filled with fantasy techniques performed by some martial prodigy...I literally grabbed my young son (who didn't know what we were going to do) and started rolling film.

We cover:

Assaulted by a older larger kid at school
Someone trying to carry them off/abduct them
An adult approaches them from behind
Someone is chasing them to your house 
Car drives up to ask your kid a question and more
Exploring the scenarios will make them think faster and give them ideas on how they could respond to protect themselves in all these situations.

This video needs to be seen by every parent who has a child they want to protect.

Again, like our woman's series, you don't need equipment per se (High Gear does help!), you don’t need to sign up at a school. Your kids safety starts at home. You need to understand the risks and the scenarios they may face and make an educated choice on what and when to talk to your kids about these subjects.

BONUS: This video will also help you vet and select a good self defense instructor should you choose to augment your child's training.


Coach Tony Blauer has been researching and teaching practical self-defense for well over 30 years, almost four decades! We are very lucky to have captured many of his early demos and best lectures over the years.

As his system and methods have evolved so has technology. Several of the titles contain footage originally shot on first generation VHS during the 80's and 90's. They were saved & archived and transferred to digital format.

Recording quality, especially in earlier works, will vary. Your investment must be for the knowledge you'll gain, the content, the drills you'll learn. DO not buy or rent our titles if you’re trying to show off your 4k flat screen - you will be disappointed. However, if you're buying our content to study so that you are safer and more knowledgeable about personal safety, you're making a good investment.

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