SPEAR Online On Ramp Trainers Prep Course

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SPEAR Online On Ramp Trainers Prep Course


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Course Description:


For over 20 years, the PDR program has been the go-to program for professionals who want to affiliate with Tony Blauer, a pioneer of self-defense research and training.

The advent high speed streaming, and 4K video quality allows us to bring Coach Blauer’s content to your phone, tablet or laptop.

We spent months redesigning the program and have created the first ever “ONLINE ON-RAMP” course.

This program is your pre-certification study course. It includes 53 chapters/ 4 hours of theory, demo, and drills.

This is the latest iteration of Coach Blauer’s 40 years of training, teaching and researching and covers everything from “how he started” to how to use the SPEAR System to protect yourself in an ambush and transition to your martial art or self-defense program.

If you want a deep-dive into the SPEAR System this is your ultimate investment. And it’s FREE if you decide to attend a certification course!

If you decide to attend the certification course we will deduct the $499 from the cost of your tuition.

*This promo is based on the regular tuition price and would not apply to any special discounts.

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