The KNOW FEAR Seminar

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The KNOW FEAR Seminar


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Course Description:

Coach Tony Blauer has dedicated 4 decades studying violence and fear.  HIs work has been integrated and vetted by the world’s elite and he has distilled his essential principles and observations into a tight 90-minute seminar that is now available for everyone.

•Learn a simple system to identify fear and confront it before it consumes your mind.
•Learn why doubt & hesitation can create emotional inertia, and how to identify and confront it.
•Learn the difference between Capacity vs Potential: Where should you focus?

Apply these insights to:



•Why the biology of fear isn't a true indication of preparedness
•The mind navigates the body, how to change your mind to move your body
•The Neural Circuitry of Fear
•The four steps to managing fear and how to make it work for you


“If we were [methodically] taught how to manage fear as kids, how to trust our gut, spot danger, avoid danger, de-escalate and if and when necessary defend ourselves, a lot of us would have had more positive experiences growing up and in life.  

Fear, real fear, impacts everything we do, from who we talk to, to who we marry, from where we work, to where we live, from how much weight we lift to, yes, whether we defend ourself (or not)... the ability to recognize, and manage fear directly impacts the quality of our life.

And remember, there's no such a thing as "no fear", but there is a way to get to "know fear" and that's to accept it, face it, fight it by learning to use it as both a signal and a fuel."

-Coach Blauer

This program is for personal use only.  

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