Welcome to my SPEAR:PDR Train-the-Trainer page.   I look forward to meeting you at a course!   Coach Blauer

Welcome to my SPEAR:PDR Train-the-Trainer page.

I look forward to meeting you at a course!

Coach Blauer

As a professional, are you continually training the skills
that will help you grow as a personal safety coach?

You’ve developed the physical skills but what about scenario design? How’s your knowledge about neuroscience and how it influences human movement? Can you deepen your understanding on fear management and mindset? Can you improve your public speaking & presentation skills? These are are some of the skills the separate ‘trainers’ from elite ‘coaches’ and these are areas we will help you develop during our course and post-grad training..

Roughly 100% of the people who attend my SPEAR: PDR Trainer Course are already all experienced professionals.
Why are they attending our course? For the same reasons that business professionals continually attend advanced training, they are re-investing in themselves, they want to improve and bring the latest research to their clients.

Three things I can promise you after this course:

1. You'll be safer and therefore your family will be too.
2. You'll be a better coach and this will make your students safer.
3. You will understand how to introduce scenario-based training to your students and this will change how you help people prepare for violence.

I look forward to meeting you at course soon,

Coach Tony Blauer
Founder, SPEAR System®

IF YOU’VE done your research and YOU’RE ready to apply: click here

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Purpose - Mission - Directive

The Blauer Tactical trainer’s certification is a ‘best in class’ training experience that blends cutting edge research with a true mission and message. Participants of this course can expect to come away challenged, changed and motivated to take the skills and drills back to their communities where they can make a real difference with all aspects of confrontation management.

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“I had done Wing Chun for many years, tried out Krav Maga, Thai Boxing, and Submission Wrestling, etc and while they were/are all awesome I still knew that something big was missing. I now know what was missing and I also know that I came to right place.”

— Mike Bayer

Who attends our courses?


People attend from all over the world, from all walks of life with all levels of experience attend our course.

Watch this video. Listen to the passion. Then do your research.

If you're looking to help make people in your community safer, our SPEAR System Personal Defense Trainer course
will give you skills and insights that will make a difference.

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"The PDR session was a "wall of information" that provided a roadmap and reframe as to how I viewed true self defense as an end user and more importantly as a teacher. It provided valid processes based in physical facts that allowed me to develop, trouble shoot and present all aspects of self defense in a manner that previously was based in "tradition without substance".

-Joe Mullings

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“The ‘Lego’ configuration of Coach Blauer's SPEAR System touches off a series of paradigm shifts that are unavoidably contagious. When you know you are experiencing the truth, it's hard to be quiet about it, and that is exactly what happened to me. I attended my first PDR and was inundated with powerful and thought-provoking ideas. Six months later, at my second PDR session, the ideas had solidified and a deeper understanding of them emerged. At this point, I began teaching the SPEAR System exclusively in my school. By the third and fourth time, I attended PDR, my physical and mental confidence was at an all-time high. Not to mention that all my students had benefited immensely from the "Blauer Effect", and were passing it on to their families and friends.”

-Dana Arcuri


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*The initial investment of the ONLINE ON-RAMP is virtually FREE - when you register for the LIVE course we will apply the entire $499 against the course tuition.
**If you're not ready to get qualified & certified to teach, you can still purchase the ONLINE ONRAMP program and study, prepare and train, the drills and study the system. When you’re ready, apply to the LIVE certification course. This option is also ideal for ‘garage gym’ groups (non-commercial training groups). Click the video below and watch the trailer and scan the topics.

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What Happens AFTER The COURSE?

One month after your course you will be invited to a private ZOOM call with the other graduates from your course to do an accountability check-in. 

During this call, we will review personal training goals, answer any questions you may have and help you design a plan for the next 3 months. You’ll also get:

  • Links to all of Coach Blauer's private lectures on mindset, you’ll even get access to his business workshop lectures: The Science of Success Teaching The Science of Self-defense

  • You also get a special invite to our private Facebook group where you’ll connect with SPEAR grads from all over the world.

  • Of course you get lesson plans for running workshops and classes


"Following my first PDR weekend, I spent hours studying the seminar material. As questions arose, I corresponded with Coach Blauer and other PDR attendees. Soon, Coach Blauer’s “uncommon sense” became clearer and clearer to me. The wisdom of his teaching and the genius of his system slowly became my own. Years of memorized martial arts “moves” were replaced with lightening fast instinctual responses. Where fear once existed, a vast psychological arsenal stood in its place. Today, I feel I am a far better “3-Dimensional” fighter. I train and prepare myself for real world violence emotionally and psychologically—not just physically any more. As a result, I am more aware, more prepared and more dangerous to bad guys. Would never trade my decades of traditional martial arts training. However, I can say without exaggeration that I found as much information, confidence and truth in a weekend with Tony Blauer as I had in a veritable lifetime of studying classical karate technique.”

-Gary J. Khoury

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This special price includes the ONLINE ONRAMP program
and the 2-day live training

The ONLINE-ONRAMP course is sold separately for $499.
The full LIVE course is $2,000.

If you are ready to go commit to the program we will combine both fees and you pay just $1750.
(You’re saving an extra $250 with this prepay option for a combined savings of $750).

  1. If you are are a business owner and have multiple trainers you’d like to get certified, contact us about special group pricing.

  2. The SPEAR:PDR course can be used by law-enforcement for personal training and SPEAR re-certification, for pricing and information please email ask@blauertactical.com.

  3. The ONLINE ONRAMP course is required to attend the LIVE event. But it’s also a perfect option for those who want to study the SPEAR System remotely, prepare for the course, but are not ready to attend the full certification course.


“For those who might be contemplating their first PDR training session: What are you waiting for?? JUST DO IT!! It'll be some of the best time and money you ever spent. Beyond the physical drills..... beyond the self defense training..... the psychological principles are so powerful, that I find I use many of them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Remember - Tony's company is called Tactical CONFRONTATION MANAGEMENT Systems. And that is just what every day life often is: Managing a series of continual confrontations and conflicts. We have confrontation in our private lives, in our personal relationships, and in our professional positions. The PDR is more than just a "how to fight" course........ it is a "how to deal with people on all levels" course. The PDR program has honestly changed my life....... in too many ways for me to count!!

Lastly, we all owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to have the absolute best material and drills to work from. For those who are actively teaching, we also owe it to our students to maintain a level of diligence in our continuing education within the system, in order to coach them the best that we possibly can. I strongly encourage each and every person who has attended a PDR basic instructor's weekend to follow it up with additional, regular training. You won't regret it, I know I don't.

Hope to train with you at a session soon!!”

-Adam LaClair

Here’s what you get when you graduate:

  • Private & group lesson plans

  • Listing on our ‘approved trainers’ section of our website (affiliation only)

  • Approved to use SPEAR System nomenclature

  • Approved to use training IP (varies based on membership tier)

  • Access to a private repository of hundreds of hours of video with chapters on fear management, scenario training, best practices, and more

  • Access to our private SPEAR:PDR group (network with trainers all over the world)

  • Free monthly webinars

  • Access to the private Facebook group

  • Discounts on High Gear ($250 a suit!)

  • Discounts on future courses

  • Preferred Registration for camps

  • Facebook LIVE events

  • Discounts on Vimeo On Demand streaming titles 

  • 1 Mentor call per month with one of our certified HQ trainers

Coach Blauer filming new content and updates for our team

Coach Blauer filming new content and updates for our team

Hundreds of hours of content all searchable!

Hundreds of hours of content all searchable!

All graduates of the SPEAR:PDR Trainer course are offered ‘success coaching’ throughout the year where they are coached and guided on best practices. We do this to help set you up for success. Topics covered in this webinar are:

  • Ideal design for private and group classes

  • Review of the key principles, concepts and drills from the SPEAR System.

  • Introduction to SPEAR nomenclature & how to best use our language to describe self-defense

  • Best practices for posting online

  • Reframing scenario-based training from traditional approaches to self-defense

  • How to compose press releases and communicate with the new media so you become the ‘subject matter expert’ in your city

  • And much more

To access all of the above, there are monthly subscription fees starting as low as $49 a month. This subscription contributes to your continuing education, personal and Professional Development Program (PDP) and an accountability program to ensure you get the guidance to be successful.

Example of our monthly private training call

Example of our monthly private training call

Coach Blauer on a monthly webinar with trainers from all over the world.

Coach Blauer on a monthly webinar with trainers from all over the world.

“The research and dedication that Blauer and his coaches provided were mind blowing. The information helped solidify my respect and passion for the training. The drills and demos were fantastic, and it helped me, as Coach Blauer puts it, “peel away more layers of the onion”. If anyone has the means and opportunity to attend, it is truly a must. Thanks to all the team members and Coach Blauer for their continued support.”
— Pat Berter
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Tony Blauer has dedicated not years, but decades to the diligent study of interpersonal violence and what happens for “real” and not only on the “mat”. I use Tony’s instruction and principles daily... the most important thing that I can say is that if I had to send a member of my family to learn personal protective skills, that would be no hesitation, it would be Tony Blauer.”
— Ron Donvito USMC (Ret.), Founder L.I.N.E. SYSTEM
The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Forever My Coach Tony Blauer, this man has taught me more about actual “Coaching” Human Beings then almost everybody else combined. I’ve known Tony over 15 years now; much of the success that I have had Coaching world class fighters can often be directly attributed to my years of training under this man whether you are one of my Muay thai World Champions, UFC Fighters, Kravists or CrossFit Athletes. When I coach, I’m using many of his principals day in and day out. If I’ve helped you as a Coach through the years, you owe this man right here a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! So say it with me, thanks Coach Blauer for being the trailblazer, I know it’s a lonely road being an innovator...just know you are appreciated more than you know by the people that matter.
— Kirian Fitzgibbons, Head Coach CSA Gym
Tony! I am a BIG fan of your work. I think that your contributions have taken the warrior community into an entirely new evolutionary step. And this new program of yours is a major step forward. In my science fiction series (The Two-Space War), set hundreds of years in the future, they refer to our current era as the “Warrior Renaissance.” We have learned more about the psychology and physiology of combat in the last 50 years than in the previous 5,000 years put together. And in the distant future Tony Blauer is referred to as “Saint Blauer.” This is an inside joke, half in jest between friends, but it is also half in truth. I believe that hundreds of years from now, when the history of this Warrior Renaissance, this Golden Age of Warriors, is written, that Tony Blauer will be remembered as one of the great pioneers who propelled us forward to the next evolutionary step in warriorhood. And you can quote me on that!”
— LT. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army (Ret.) Director, Killology Research Group
I have been training in and using operationally, the S.P.E.A.R. System for nearly ten years... The more I study it, the deeper and deeper I plunge down the rabbit hole. When I try to track down the intuitive leaps of thought he had 10, 15 & 20 years ago I find scientists on the cutting edge ‘proving’ what he said.
— Jim Keenan, Police Inspector, Lincolnshire Police (Ret.)