Our mission

To make the world safer.  

Our goals

To provide customized training and resources to conscientious citizens, professional trainers & coaches from the law enforcement, military and first-responder communities.


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The spear tip is our symbol. It is the first weapon developed by our ancestors to keep their families alive. As a weapon, it uses the same kinetic chain as the startle-flinch response. This protective system allowed humans to evolve since modern man began exploring the planet 80,000 years ago.

  • Our program is the only personal defense program based entirely on this science.

  • This makes our program safe, simple and effective.

  • We have a singular mission to help make good humans safer. ‪


Our culture

At BTS, we will focus on three things: Service, Loyalty and Commitment. We will apply these concepts to everything we do.

  • Service – to serve others before ourselves with humility and professionalism

  • Loyalty – to be faithful to each other, to those we serve and to the organization

  • Commitment – to be obliged to each other, the program, the company, those we serve and our process. To be completely enthusiastic about our individual and organizational growth

Our politics

Very simple:  We don't like liars, IP thieves, predators, criminals and terrorists. 

Why train with BTS

Science: Our system is the world's only behaviorally based self-protection method based entirely on physiology, kinesiology, physics, and psychology. 

Simple: All our movements are based on how 'humans actually' move.  We don't teach memorized patterns or complicated techniques.

Legal: In the real world, "force must parallel danger", our system is congruent with every moral, ethical and legal directive. 

Totality: Our methodology is holistic. It's based on emotional awareness & intelligence, modern psychology and practical & functional movement. Students of our courses are taught how to avoid, deescalate and if all else fails, how to protect themselves. 

Proven: Since 2003, our clients have been the police, the military and other first-responders. For over two decades the Blauer Tactical company has been a trusted resource for good people who actually fight real bad-guys. If our system works for them, it'll work for you.

Why spear?

  • Self-defense predates all martial arts. People fought way before martial styles were developed. Coach Blauer asked the question: "How did they fight if there were no karate schools?".

  • Coach Blauer then spent 20 years reverse-engineering a system of personal defense that incorporates how our reptilian brain reacts to danger and sudden violence and then he developed strategies and drills so that our cognitive brains could recognize and integrate these movements - in doing so, he developed the first behaviorally-based self-defense system.

  • The SPEAR System is entirely based on a survival reflex that helped our ancestors evolve - it truly is the evolution of Paleolithic Self-Defense. We lovingly refer to it as: Caveman Kung Fu

  • The SPEAR System uses primal and gross-motor movements instead of the complex martial art movements that permeate the martial art and defensive tactics world. This makes it easier to learn and simpler to use.

  • The catalyst for the SPEAR conversion is hard-wired in you. We will teach you how to convert the startle-flinch, and redirect that kinetic energy into a spontaneous protective tactic that virtually any human can perform (regardless of age training or gender).

  • Everyone will be safer if they learn our system regardless of their experience or profession.

  • Listen to Coach Blauer explain this theory on the 'evolution of personal safety, what he lovingly calls: "Caveman Kung fu"

“The spear system utilizes instinctive motion to effect a combative change in both participants. Its effectiveness is grounded in basic physiology and as a result, although initially apparently simple it is fundamentally as complex as the system it is designed to protect, humans.”
— Dr. Robert Smith

For Professionals

  • SPEAR is like connective tissue, and when taught properly, it is a bridge between the reactive brain and the cognitive brain and speeds up the transition time in a confrontation, helping the defender move from primal, gross-motor to trained complex motor skills.

  • SPEAR is the only non-gender, non-age, non occupation biased protective system. If you are human you can do this.

  • Because it is built around real science, and has strong medical and legal merit, it is court defensible.

  • Because SPEAR is based on instinctive movement, it is the fastest system to learn, it is also the least perishable and most economical for sustainment training.

  • SPEAR has the lowest injury rate in the world. Integrating instinctive and natural movement, that scientifically uses the body's primal and gross motor skills, immediately reduces both injuries in training and as well as in actual confrontations. (An independent study was conducted in the United Kingdom by Dorset police and the statistics revealed a 41% drop in head injuries. *If your are LE/MIL or active first-responder you can email us from your .GOV email and receive a copy of this report and research ).

  • Incorporating the SPEAR System will reduce reaction time but more importantly it will reduce liability.

“The S.P.E.A.R. System is a “total combatives system” that is intrinsically inclined—based upon kinesiology, physiology, neurobiology, and other, natural sciences. Because it considers the application of intrinsic kinesic actions (flinch conversion) from a basic, human response to sudden and close movement (a flinch), the system is considered by Mr. Blauer as “behaviorally inspired—genetically wired”.
— Brian A. Kinnaird, Criminal Justice Professor, Author, Researcher, and Trainer

How long

Coach Blauer began teaching in 1979. His passion and curiosity for what works and what doesn't, hasn't wavered. Over thirty-years later, and he is still hard at work developing courses, content and systems to help make people safer. 

Coach Blauer is one of the only self-defense & combatives experts who has successfully affected training across all the combat related communities: self-defense, combat sports, martial arts and the military & law enforcement sectors. His research on physiology, mind-set as it relates to confrontation management has influenced over three decades of reality-based martial artists.

Meet Coach Blauer


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