The SPEAR SYSTEM utilizes the speed and reliability of the startle-flinch mechanism to convert the sudden attack into a tactical counter.

It is a bridge between the reactive brain and the cognitive brain.

This improves reaction time during a confrontation.

“The SPEAR System combines the old brain’s most important function, to survive, with the new brain’s intelligence, to think and decide, we have reawakened a non-perishable personal defense counter-measure that can make every human being safer, sooner.”
— Coach Blauer

Reverse Engineered Self-Defense.
For Humans.

Hundreds of people, from all over the world have found the SPEAR System to be not only incredibly easy to learn and apply, but our courses are fun! You don't leave a Blauer Tactical seminar paranoid - you leave prepared!

 Founder, Coach Tony Blauer has been featured in over 100 magazines around the world, from Black Belt to Forbes.

”The harsh reality is that your personal safety is your responsibility. Your ability to detect, defuse or defend yourself rests on your shoulders. It’s your responsibility.

Your safety, like your fitness, is up to you too.

On Game Day, You either have the ability to respond or you don’t and that’s your responsibility too.”
— Coach Tony Blauer